Balanced Diet Or Food | Nutrition | Macro Nutrients | Micro Nutrients

Balanced Diet Or Food | Nutrition | Macro Nutrients | Micro Nutrients

In today's post, we will understand what is protein and what is a balanced diet, what are the functions inside it? What is nutrition? How many types are there? And what amount of protein should be taken? What if we consume more protein? So what kind of diseases does it cause? And if there is a deficiency of protein, then what diseases do it cause? 

Balanced Diet Or Food | Nutrition | Macro Nutrients | Micro Nutrients
Balanced Diet Or Food | Nutrition | Macro Nutrients | Micro Nutrients

Today we will understand about this in full detail inside this post, if you want to watch through video, then you will also get it available on this website, just you will get it available on our The Knowledge Khazana - DMSonu channel where you can easily watch through video. If you can understand in Hindi, then let's start reading the post, even if you are preparing for an exam or want to see through your knowledge, then it is very beneficial for you.

What Is Balanced Diet Or Food ?

Balanced diet: - "The diet in which a person has all the necessary things for the body"

Elements are found in proper quantity. It's called a balanced diet.

or you can say

A balanced diet is a diet that contains enough nutrients that we need in a day. A balanced diet includes fats, proteins, carbohydrates, water, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

What Is Nutrition

Nutrition:- Nutrition is the study of the nutrients present in food. It is a dynamic process in which food is eaten, digested, absorbed and then nutrients are used for growth and development.

Nutrient: Nutrient is a component of food that an organism uses to survive and grow. Macro nutrients and micro nutrients.

What Is Macro Nutrients?

Macro Nutrients:- Those nutrients which are in our food in large quantity or you can say

The nutrients our body needs in large quantities. big macro

called nutrients. such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats and water.

What Is Micro Nutrients?

Micro Nutrients: Nutrients that our body needs in very small amounts.

is required. are called micronutrients. such as vitamins and minerals

What is a balanced diet? And balanced diet Function 

Balanced diet: A balanced diet is one in which various nutrients are right.

And according to the need of the person in proper quantity and quality.

Its functions are as follows:

1. We get enough energy to work from a balanced diet.

2. It helps in the growth and development of the individual.

3. Balanced diet helps all institutions to function properly

4. It helps in repairing all the broken tissues.

5. Balanced diet increases the immunity of the body.

6. It increases the overall health level of the body.

7. It increases the metabolic capacity of the body.

8. It reduces the diseases caused by any kind of deficiency in the body.

 And maintains the correct body weight and increases the working capacity of the person. 

Question-2. How much Protein is necessary for our body?

Answer- Protein is an essential element in the formation of the cell. Proteins are made up of elements called carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sometimes sulphur. Proteins get into the blood in the body through amino acids. These amino acids are used by the body to build muscles, nails, skin, hair and internal organs. Protein makes new tissue and repairs damaged tissue. Regulates the balance of water and acids. Carries oxygen and nutrients to cells and makes antibodies. 

Excessive use of protein is also harmful for us, it can lead to heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke and kidney stones. The body requires 0-36 grams of protein per pound of ideal body weight. Its deficiency in children leads to Semarsmus and Kwashiorkor disease.

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