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Social Media Advantages And Disadvantages For Students-2021

As time is passing, new technology is coming into the world. Today, almost everyone has a smartphone. And now the internet has also become cheaper. We have a net all day, and we all know that in today's time everyone uses social media. In this post, you will know that social media advantages and disadvantages for students, as well as I, will tell you, how to earn money from social media.

Before that, let me tell you that the names of the top 10 such social media platforms in the world where there are both advantages and disadvantages, it is up to you how you are using. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube, social media platforms where billions of people are active.

Advantages of Social Media for Students

Today, every person, student, male or female, uses social media such as Facebook, youtube, TikTok, Instagram, big social media platforms, but today some people use it for good work.

  • Education
  • Group Study
  • Current affairs
  • Online
  • Earn Money
Social Media Advantages And Disadvantages For Student

Education is the biggest advantage of social media. Due to social media, we can post at home today. We have to study anything, any class book has to be studied, be it science, mathematics, social science, all the subjects, we can search and read immediately on social media.

Today as you all know that due to coronavirus, all schools and collage are closed today. But student studies are not closed. All the students today are posting with the help of big platforms like youtube.

Group Study

The school college is closed to all students at this time. But today we are studying for all students by forming a group. Due to social media, the class of all the survivors is going on today. Whatsapp, Facebook, YouTube can be read easily by creating a communication group, thus social media has a big advantage for all students.

Current affairs

Social media is a plate foram where billions of people are active. When everyone is active, Instagram is published on Facebook, etc knowing about the place and we get to know through current affairs. The Shichha ministers of our country also give information related to education through Twitter. Like when the schools will open, the result, the date sheet will be reached from one place to another through all social media.


Due to social media, today everyone can also post online as I told you that the biggest advantage is education and education. Through this, we can also class online, big platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, which also offer online tuition.

Let me tell you that today the financial condition of many students is not right, but due to this, it is also going to be fine because today every student can make Earn money from social media. Like I study in 12th class and do blogging. If all of you want to earn money online, then here you will get some such tips from which you can earn millions of foot churns from home.

Disadvantages of social media for students

You came to know about the benefits of social media, but now you will be surprised to know when you read about the disadvantages of social media.

  • Wrong addiction
  • Time best
  • Ignoring studies
  • Playing games
  • Write the wrong word

Social Media Advantages And Disadvantages For Student-2021

Wrong Addiction

If all of you on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, if waste your time doing something wrong, then it can prove to be a great danger. Let me tell you, if you use social media, then it is right, if social media uses you then it is wrong.

Time Best

If you are bored then you definitely open social media. And when you watch some videos on it, then the video starts coming continuously, which never ends. Because of which your time is best. You do not eat food on time and your health deteriorates.

Ignoring studies

There are some platforms where there is no system of studies. Like TikTok, Instagram, but you can definitely earn money from it, but the student cannot read from it.

Playing games

If all of you play games on social media instead of studies, then this is a big disadvantage.

Write the wrong word

If you get the wrong word on social media, then your attention seems different from studying due to which you are unable to read.

So it was nice to post about some Social Media Advantages and Disadvantages for Students, so please comment by commenting below.

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