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How to Change Gmail Password or Google Password

This post will tell you step by step how to change your Gmail password. Tosto if you forgot your password by creating your Gmail account or someone got to know your password. Then you should change your password. In this post, you have to do step by step process carefully. And when you change your password, write the password in a copy or write it in a mobile note.

How to Change Gmail Password

Are you using any technology to change Gmail password on android, how to change  Google Password on the laptop, change Gmail password or Google Password on iPhone, and change google password android is all the same process. So let's see how to change the Gmail account password or Google account password.

How to Change Gmail Password or Google Password Step by Step Process.

You have to do all the processes one by one, after that, your solution will be solved.

Step 1. First of all, you have to search on Google "Gmail Account" then you have to click on Gmail - Google at the top.

How to Change Gmail Password

Step 2. Gmail - Clicking on Google will open your Gmail account, next you have to click on Settings. Then you will see the Quick settings option and in it you will see "See all settings" in a box and click on it.

How to Change Gmail Password

Step 3. Now you will have the page of Sattang open, in which you have to click on 'Accounts and Import'. As you can see in the image below.

Step 4. On clicking Accounts and Import, you will see three options but you have to click "Change password" only. After clicking on it, you will have a new page open.

Step 5. Finally, you have to click on the Enter your password below to continue, first verify it's you. And it has to write a strong and easy password. Click on End Next.

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In this way, if you complete your step-by-step process, your password will be changed.

If you have to delete your Gmail Account or Google Account, then on that you have been told step by step, you can delete your account if you have it.

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